Sustainable Hansgrohe Group, six feet in the countryside.

Sustainable productivity thanks to commitment and responsibility

Ecological and social foresight, all along the line

Anyone who buys a hansgrohe shower or mixer can be confident of receiving a product that is both attractive and durable. There’s a lot more to it than that, though: from the initial idea right through to the packing process, the Hansgrohe Group leaves nothing to chance. Here, production is resource-efficient – at workplaces where the focus is on people. And the company policy? Proactively fair.

Sustainable spray research, employee from the Hansgrohe Group.

The Hansgrohe Group is committed to thinking and operating in a sustainable manner at its sites. This applies to all production processes, as well as to the careful handling of employees and resources. 

Responsible corporate management, Hansgrohe Group.

At Hansgrohe, outstanding results are at the top of the agenda. At all levels of the company, each person's work focuses on three elements: economy, environment and society. 

Sustainable project of the Hansgrohe Group.

The Hansgrohe Group attaches great importance to social commitment, quite apart from its business interests. The company is committed to social and ecological projects. 

Sustainable EcoSmart technology, Hansgrohe Group.

The hansgrohe innovators develop mixers and showers that conserve valuable resources in households or hotels. Which is good for both your wallet and the environment. 

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